I created this site to educate mothers and fathers on Intrauterine Growth Restriction or IUGR. The term can sound scary and the diagnosis even scarier—but I’m here to offer hope and the story of my little baby. Natalia was born weighing 2-pounds and 14-ounces at 34-weeks. Despite the odds against her—she is 100% healthy and meeting all milestones. Just because your baby is small doesn’t mean she or he will be unhealthy…these little babies are fighters! Read Our Story

Our Story

"Your baby is currently in the 50th-percentile"

Those were the words said to my husband and I at our 17-week appointment by our Nurse Practioner. She said it in such a "nonchalant" kind of way that my husband and I didn't pay it any second thought and left our appointment feeling great. Our anatomy scan went well and were finally over the hump of the erroneous quad chart scare.

As far as we knew---we were having a beautiful, healthy baby girl.
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My little warrior is now 3!

I can't believe it's been THREE years since the scary scans, fearful doctor appointments and a brief NICU stay -- but alas, our little warrior is now 28lbs and 3-years old! So has the journey been hard? Short answer...no! A lot of that has to do … [Read More...]

Natalia's Eye

Persistent Pupillary Membrane – UPDATE!

My little baby was diagnosed with PPM (Persistent Pupillary Membrane). I don't know how many people are following this website/blog---but for those of you out there who have googled "Persistent Pupillary Membrane" I have an update for you.   … [Read More...]

My Little Warrior Princess is 6-months!

Wow---where did time fly?  How did we get to this stage?  Our little baby is 6-months old.  She's rolling over (though she absolutely detests tummy-time), feeding like a champ and she can sit-up unsupported.  We are very blessed that this child … [Read More...]